Erhardt Reichenbach


Erhardt recently came into Stronghold to “Start Fresh”, but we are sure he is running from something.

For the rich and noble travelers, the first place they go to is The Soul Regret, the fanciest inn Stronghold has to offer.

And as tradition requires, Erhardt has secured the best available room at “The Soul Regret” along with the room next door for his two bodyguards protecting him and the large amount of coin he has taken with him to Stronghold.

With a pouch filled to the brim with gold coins, Erhardt often paints the town red. But before leaving The Soul Regret, he always wants to taste a new and unique drink from their huge selection first. The only problem is that Erhardt is an incredibly indecisive man, and something as simple as ordering a bottle of wine or an ale can prove to be a very time-consuming task, just ask his bodyguards about that. So often times his “Night Out” never sees him leave the Inn.

Erhardt Reichenbach

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