Eva Eilhart, Bailiff


Eva works directly for the Burgomeister of Troop, her primary job is to Judge criminals, set bail or punishment and collected fines and rents, serve as accountant, and in charge of the land and buildings in and around Troop. She’s known for her ruthless approach and no excuse is ever good enough for her to accept. She always carries a dagger and her brass knuckles with her and they often come in handy and have been used against poor townsfolk who couldn’t pay their taxes. She has a trio of ruthless employees that do most of her bidding.

“Herr Franz looked at the bailiff and continued to plead; “Please, have you no mercy?! I have lost everything! I have shut down my business and can barely afford to put food on the table for my family. For god’s sake, my only son’s ill and I can’t even pay for his medicine! Please woman, you must understand.”

The down on his luck merchant gave the bailiff a small hopeful smile, thinking she might see how wretched his situation, and feel a slither of compassion.

The only thing the bailiff saw however, was the barely visible gold tooth in the top corner of his mouth. Eva placed her right hand in a pocket sewn into her skirt and walked closer to the merchant. “So.. 2 days ago, you told me you would have the tax money and now, 2 days later you say you need 2 more days…”

She let out a little chuckle.. “Very well Herr Franz, you’ll get two more days”.

A sigh of relief washed over the merchant as Eva turned and walked away, but in an instant, the bailiff spun around, her right hand clenching a set of brass knuckles. The merchant never had a chance to react to the punch. He fell to the ground spitting out blood, pieces of his broken teeth, and a single, shiny chunk of gold.

Eva quickly collected the gold tooth and held it up. "Well well, what have we here? Is that for me Herr Franz? How generous of you. I guess that about covers 4 days of total interests. I’ll be back to collect your taxes in two days. And if you don’t have the payment by then, I’ll gladly come inside and talk the situation over with you AND your family.. "

Eva walked away from the bleeding, crying merchant, whistling a jolly tune while putting the gold tooth into her chest. She just had one more stop left: Delivering today’s haul over to Herman Geizhals. The Burgomeister hates most of the townsfolk, but there’s one person he’s always excited to see walk into his office.. Eva Eilhart, the ruthless bailiff of Troop..

Eva Eilhart, Bailiff

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